2nd Annual Kombat BJJ Classic
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Tuesday, 10 May 2011 20:55

For those of us that love to train hard for tournaments but are unable to make it to Worlds in California in June, the best thing we can do is hunt out a good local tournament and sign up to compete. Get after those gold medals, Players, and help your team take home the team trophy - claim some hardware and hit the podium.

Sure, Brampton - Ontario is not Long Beach California but for $50 you will get the chance to test yourself on the local circuit. If you are here in the Greater Toronto Area you can do this at the 2nd Annual Kombat BJJ Classic on May 28th and 29th. If you want to splash out you can drop $80 for 2 divisions (GI and NO GI). That's $100 less than Grapplers Quest. They have a $10 discount for those who wish to sign up early. The 2 day event has Junior, Adults and Masters divisions for all belt ranks plus some scheduled 'Super fights' which our own Eduardo appeared in last year.

I heard only good things about this tournament last year but I was away the same weekend so I am looking forward to getting out there this year to see for myself how this event goes down. It's important to support local tournaments and compete so I am going to sign up for 2 divisions and see if I can strike gold. There are prizes too for top finishers.

I was hoping to go to California this year for the Mundials but I'm also moving place at the end of June so I need to save my money. This is a great alternative. Sometimes doing the responsible thing means sacrificing dreams...if only for a while. There will always be next year to try to become a World Champion.

If you want more information about the Kombat BJJ Classic or to register you can click this link

Support this event and get after gold.

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