4 UFC fighters remove me from the Dojo
On the Mat - Training Diary
Tuesday, 06 December 2011 23:57


OK, I am being a little overdramatic and a little out of context - but you do need a catchy title for a blog entry sometimes...I will explain in a moment.

So - bearing in mind I had been a Blue Belt for almost 3 years it felt strange tonight to go back to class with a different colour on. Professor Britto did some more promotions tonight for people who were not able to make it on the weekend or who were meant to level up. The Blue and Purple belts at Toronto BJJ are numerous now.

Anyone who was promoted had to run the corridor and get the traditional belt whipping. I forgot how good the pain actually feels. Due to the amount of people we only had to run it 1 way so my back did not take too much of a beating. We did some drills then I had a couple of tough rolls - one with a senior Purple Belt and one with Professor Eduardo. I was reminded that I still have a long way to travel...let's just say that.

Although it feels slightly different having a new belt - it actually feels like it's business as usual. Still have to work hard - still have alot to learn - still going to face the same tough challenges. The belt just feels a little heavier... it feels like it has added responsibility.

...and alot of dye came off it onto my Gi *Shakes fist*

All good...

So there I was - training my little heart out...and in walks UFC's Jake Shields, Matt Mitrione, Claude Patrick and Michael Johnson...and we had to leave the Dojo...true story (luckily we have more mats downstairs so we could still train...I will let them off with it...this time). UFC is in Toronto this weekend so I guess they wanted some time to train and Claude used to teach at Toronto BJJ and got his Brown Belt from Professor Britto. Our MMA class attendees got to hang out and train beside these guys which I am sure was a treat for them.

Other than that I contacted my friend who trains at Gracie Barra in Belfast today to set up some rolling for me and my girlfriend (who just got her Green Belt!) when we go home to visit my family at Christmas and already I am looking to the first tournament of 2012 - The World Professional Jiu-Jitsu Championship Trials in Montreal in February. I expect a little bit of downtime over Christmas but..probably not alot knowing me.

Congratulations to everybody who received a promotion. Even if you train at another academy - I'm sending this out to all Players who come and read this blog that got a new belt or some stripes recently. Lets keep working hard and get ready for all the great things 2012 is going to bring us.

God bless and enjoy the mats.


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