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On the Mat - Training Diary
Tuesday, 28 December 2010 17:29

When I started at Toronto BJJ in the summer of 2007 there was Black Belt called Kareem in charge. I believe this was shortly after Cesar Rezek (his predecessor) had moved on to open Budokan. I had my first tournament fight at Ascension in February 2008 (pic). The first and last tournament I would do as a student of Kareem El Sayed.

Kareem had neglected to continue doing the 'forma' in class, which Saulo has introduced during his first or second visit earlier in the year. So when the returning Head of the Association called 'Forma' and everyone froze not knowing what to do, he was not very impressed and questioned why he was even standing before us. But he swore to us this was going to change now that the academy students were wearing RJJA Patches on their backs.

Kareem led very relaxed classes and was a bit of a joker with legit jits. But after 10 months he still had not learnt my name and I am sure stripes were the last thing on his mind when a pissed off Saulo Ribeiro literally executed him, in words only, in front of the students in December 2007.

From what I gather there was a natural exit now happening with Kareem due to other work commitments and then he was gone, all while word was building of a new Ribeiro Black Belt being sent to take over the BJJ program. In the meantime Josh was providing as always a great number of guests including Xande Ribeiro, Andre Galvao, Paulo Guillobel and Regis Lebre.

But for a few weeks, due to a lack of senior belts, I remember sometimes the Blue Belts running the classes but often too many at the same time. I was being lured to another academy through a friend but will admit to never really intending to leave Toronto BJJ as I had already established allegiance there but I was in need of a good Professor and I was hopefully Saulo would send someone to give me a reason to stay.

July 2008

Then Jorge arrived in the spring of 2008 bringing a Brazilian etch a sketch which he shook extra hard and used it to create a new program from scratch. Who knew the man was so good with 2 knobs? Within 2 years he transformed the program and recently at Grapplers Quest our Academy proved our place on the Canadian Jiu Jitsu map.

2011 signifies the 3rd year of Professor Britto being our head instructor but there is also a bit of a change happening (apart from the new ronovations and upgrades currently underway at the school). The change is in our teachers.

For instructors, Toronto BJJ now has 2 Jorge Britto Brown belts, Mikey and Tommy, with Eduardo soon receiving his (Gracie) Black Belt. And you can clearly see a development in the level of teachers at Toronto BJJ as each one brings his unique approach to the game and together they are forming a bond. They are a Ka-tet*.

*Ka-tet means 'one from many," but more than's a group of people bound by fate --by ka-- heading toward the same goal and the same end. (Taken from Stephen Kings 'The Dark Tower' | The Gunslinger Born by Marvel Comics )`

I can see this in the classes they are running while Jorge is in Brazil. There are many bonuses, along with a little comedy, with 3 guys there to teach you. Not to mention the guidance you can attain from the Brown and Purple belts continually training on the mats. The best traditional Gracie Jiu Jitsu mixed with modern adaptations brought to you with expert tutelage.

It doesnt matter what day of the week you turn up to train jiu jitsu. What's important is simply that - you show up.

*Editors Note: I originally mentioned Cesar was the orginal Black belt of Toronto BJJ but it was in fact Wagnney Fabiano.


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