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Thursday, 02 December 2010 00:21

Leia is a hunter - meet her prey..I'm down about long  will this one last?

Well we are fast approaching the end of the year...My gi's are all getting worn out now and ripped - my belt has started fraying - a sign of a decent amount of training over the last while. Still at the academy 5-6 times a week trying to keep working hard and learning with all my team mates. How are you doing?

(pic) Leia is a hunter - meet her prey..I'm down about long will this one last?

I've been mulling around some ideas for the new year for the website...

I want to develop some video concepts that do not involve me showing you tips and techniques because you can get that anywhere and it's not my place to do this. But perhaps I can rope in Professor Britto or some of our other advanced belts to help demonstrate, as example, the science of a choke. Not showing you how to choke per say but more the method and reasoning behind it. Breaking down specifics so not to simply show you a move but show you the kinetics behind them. This ideas comes from the first one that I want to do which is break down the choke. How it happens, what it takes and what are the most important parts in a set up (sort of thing).

If you have suggestions please let me know. I will endevour also to line up some fresh interviews too. There may even be some contests in the new year. Everyone loves PRIZES!

Also look for some videos early 2011 featuring our resident Judo Black Belt Mike Nomikos. We've started chatting about possibly doing some videos to demonstrate some throws from the stand up that are part of  the Judo Program at Toronto BJJ on Tuesday and Tursday nights at 9pm. I guess I will be the one getting thrown in these videos...

The winter brings a schedule change in training and I plan to take advantage of the 6pm classes on Thursday and Friday right after work so I can get home and hang out with my dog without having be out the door again . The bike is now retired for the year and thinking about it - I haven't strength trained since Grapplers Quest. I decided to not start a new program just at the minute but that could change in a heartbeat. I was thinking of stopping down training for a while over Christmas but then I realized the Abu Dhabi World Jiu Jitsu Pro trials are in February so there is almost no time for resting.

The last event of the year is our Annual Toronto BJJ party on Dec 11th. The group picture will require a seriously wide lens this year! It's been a very successful 12 months at the academy which I will do my best to look back on in a year ender article later this month. There is a lot to review so check back for that.

In the meantime here is a little gem that was shared today by Rafael Lovato Jr on his blog. If you watched UFC 123 you should recall Joe Rogan naming Phil Davis' submission of the night via 1 arm kimura 'The Mr Wonderful' for inventing it.

But now we see a 16 year olf Rafael pulling off the same submission during the 2000 Pan Am's.

...and we have the video. The name is up for grabs!

Rafael Lovato Jr. performs the UFC Submission of the Night - One Arm Kimura  

Thanks for taking the time to drop by.



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