Knee Diagnosis
On the Mat - Injury Log
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 22:56

The issue with my knee has been diagnosed as an MCL Sprain, Medial Meniscal Contusion & Patellar Tendonitis. In other words - We are GO for Grapplers Quest!

I went to see Dr Ho at Athletes Care and after 30 minutes with a guy doing his residency (who has also trained at Toronto BJJ) I was seen my the Dr and he quickly identifed all the problems and located the painful areas with so much more speed and accuracy. And he confirmed age might also have been a factor in part of the injury.I am to not go crazy on the mats, to do some physio, and get a check up in 2 weeks.

But the good thing is the knee is healing quickly, the ankle still feels loose, but I should be fine for the tournament.

I'm really happy and excited to get back training alot!


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